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Name:Ripley Vance Willems
OUaT!Verse: Ripley works at a drowsy little cafe in Storybrooke, where he serves coffee when he is not asleep behind the counter. Not sure how long it will last before he loses this one, too, but until he does, hey, all the coffee he could want

Ripley Vance Willems lives in the outskirts of a little place called Storybrooke, Maine. He's had more jobs than he cares to count and never keeps one for long, but generally he's a happy, friendly guy. He engages everyone he meets in friendly conversation, and though he is often too 'busy' to work, he is never too busy to sit back and talk with some potential new friends or share a coffee with someone. He is well-liked by most who meet him, especially the younger residents, who he can often be found telling fantastical fairy tales and stories to.

He's a quirky guy, in that he holds a slight British accent to his words and he considers himself as much an Englishman as an American. He's also a bit out of his time. He doesn't understand why, but he has always felt left behind by the 'new age'. He may have developed an addiction to coffee these past few years, but he blames it entirely on his frequent tendency to collapse into a deep sleep at the most inconvenient of times.

A longer time ago than he can specifically remember, Ripley was married to Damia Willems, with whom he had a beautiful baby girl, his daughter Judy, and a house that was a bit too small, but their own. Damia was always getting on Ripley's back about his tendency to 'fall out of' work, or sleep for long and random periods of time. He spent more time chatting with strangers and making new friends than he ever did at work. When he was officially diagnosed with narcolepsy, Damia called it an excuse and left him, taking their daughter and soon to be born son with her. The memories of them hover just past his reach, and leave him confused when he tries too hard grasp at specifics.

Since his wife left him, Ripley's life has become a quieter, solitary one. He still engages anyone he meets in his cheerful brand of pleasant conversation. However, he is nearly always just shy of completely broke. He manages to get by, always finding a short term means of getting money before he actually runs out. Without his wife around to nag him, he just can't seem to find what little motivation he had before, towards being a working stiff.

Rip Van Winkle was an amiable man who enjoyed solitary activities in the wilderness, but was also loved by all in town—especially the children to whom he told stories and gave toys. However, he had a tendency to avoid all gainful labor, for which his nagging wife (Dame Van Winkle) chastised him. His home and farm often fell into disarray due to his lazy neglect.

One pleasant Autumn day, Rip escaped his wife's nagging by disappearing into the forest for the afternoon, intending just to nap a while in the shade of the trees and return in the evening. When he woke from his nap, however, the sun had gone down too far for him to find his way, and he wandered, lost in the forest for three days. Eventually he came across a wolf, with whom he shared his lunch and asked to lead him out of the woods, because his canteen had run empty of water, and he was beginning to grow weary of being lost.

The Wolf led him to a stream, where he spent the rest of his afternoon, until they parted ways. Rip never quite made it back home, however, for along the way he met a stranger. He and the stranger shared a meal, and Rip discussed his wishes to be away from the nagging of his wife, free to enjoy such pleasant, sleepy Autumn days in the forest. He was unfortunate enough to get his wish, when the food he ate dropped him into a deep sleep, from which nothing could wake him.

Ripley Vance Willems is an OC created to fit into the canon of Once Upon a Time. He is based off of Rip Van Winkle and his PB is Dave Annable. I own neither of these individuals, nor the ideas behind OUaT/RVW. Ripley, however, is mine.
This journal is purely for fun and RP purposes, and both the writer and the character are over 18.
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